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How to reduce false positives?
How to reduce false positives?

Reducing false alert notifications using actions, triggers, double check, and element compare.

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If you get false alarms, try to change the screenshot-settings of your job:

Increase trigger: Avoid using “any” change if small areas of the page changes but are not relevant for what you want to track.

Adjust Selection: Avoid selecting areas that change frequently like ads, carrousels, twitter counts etc.

Use blocker feature: This blocks elements from being uploaded before taking a snapshot. Use this to remove pop-ups, banners or ads. Use the function Block in the

Perform actions after screenshot section. See the Actions Article for more help.

Use the double check: feature which takes a second screenshot when a change is detected to confirm that a change happened.

Switch to element-compare: Ideal for when page layout frequently changes and the area that is monitored shifts vertically.

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