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How do I invite a user?
How do I invite a user?

Learn how to add a new user to your team.

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Are you ready to enable your team to work collaboratively? With Visualping Business, you can easily share workspaces and monitor your team notifications all in one place. Note: You must be an admin user to access this functionality.

In this lesson, you will learn how to:

  • Invite a user to your team.

  • Assign initial workspace access.

Step 1:

First, navigate to the settings.

Step 2:

Click on Users.

Step 3:

Next, click Invite Users.

Step 4:
Fill out their name and email address. Then, select which workspaces you'd like them to join, and click on Invite Users. They'll receive an invitation email. Once they accept, they'll be added to the team.

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