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Integrating with Google Sheets

Using webhooks to automatically insert new data.

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Are you tired of manually inputting data? Integrating with Google Sheets can help automate your workflow and streamline your data entry process. By using webhooks, you can automatically insert new notification data into your Google Sheets without any manual intervention.

In this lesson you'll learn how to:

  • Use webhooks to insert a new row in Google Sheets automatically.

Step 1:

Install the Webhooks for Sheets app from Google Marketplace. You'll need to allow the required permissions.

Step 2:

Open a new Google Sheet. Then, click on the Webhook icon.

Step 3:

Follow the prerequisites.

Step 4:

Once finished, click, create.

Step 5:

You may be prompted to Authorize the Webhook.

In this case, you'll need to refresh the page. Then, navigate to the Webhooks tab and click Authorize. Once finished, click next. Then, try creating the new webhook URL again.

Step 6:

Copy the webhook URL.

Step 7:

In job settings, click on the Google Sheets icon and paste the URL in the input field.

Step 8:

Finally, click save.

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