Yes, you can monitor a password-protected page. You will need to set up Actions to type and submit your user credentials on the job to accomplish this. Here's how you can create a job that logs onto Visualping. Keep in mind the same principles will apply to most login pages.

Step 1: Create a new job.

Step 2: Enter the webpage and click go.

Step 3: Open the perform actions drop-down menu and add a new "type" action.

Step 4: Click the selection icon next to the action and then select the email input field in the preview window.

Step 5: Enter the email address in the word to type field. Repeat the same steps for the password input field, making sure to select the password input box in the preview window.

Step 6: Add a new "click" action. Click the selection icon next to the new action and select the login button in the preview window. Finally, execute the actions.

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