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How do I setup single sign on?
How do I setup single sign on?


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Instructions SAML Connections

In order to establish trust between our platform and your identity provider you have to reach out to us at providing the following information:

  1. Metadata file - This file has to be generated on your side within your identity provider system. This file should contain a claim with email following that schema. For example:

  2. Email domain(s) - One or more domains that your user will use to sign-in and of whom your identity provider is in control of. You can send one or several domains. For example, if all your company email are you should provide

In order to create the metadata file you’ll need the following Visualping information:

Instructions for OIDC

We do not have customers integrated with OIDC yet. If your SSO protocol is OIDC, please reach out to to start this process.

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