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How do I remove a user from a workspace?
How do I remove a user from a workspace?
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As an admin, you can assign users different roles and workspaces with Visualping for Teams. This allows your team to work collaboratively while restricting access to workspaces that may not be applicable to other team members.

What you'll learn:

Quick Note

If a user is part of a workspace, they automatically receive notifications in their inbox, as long as email notifications are enabled within the job. This same principle applies to SMS.

Managing user roles and permissions.

Step 1:

First, navigate to Profile -> Settings.

Step 2:

Then, click on Users.

Step 3:

Find the user you want to edit workspaces and roles for. Then, click the pencil icon.

Step 4:

Next, fill out the form. Here you can edit the user's role and assign or remove any workspaces they are a part of. Finally, click Save.

  • Role Types

    • Admin - Ability to change roles and workspaces for any user. Can edit/view jobs in all workspaces.

    • Editor - Can edit/view jobs in workspaces they have been assigned to.

    • View - Can only view the workspaces they have been assigned to.

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